The Vinyl BUZZ

Sundazed Music Releases:

1 Blue Cheer~Vincebus Eruptum (MONO) “you all know about this one. I’d say the mono one is just made to be BLASTED thru huge speakers, that’s why they put it out in mono…it was made to BLAST then and it’s made to BLAST now. It’s getting high praises from the press.

2 Blue Cheer~Outsideinside “even though it is still heavy in sound, it is NOT as powerful as Vincebus. Luckily, the re-mastering on this sounds very good on the stereo separation.

3 Leigh Stephens~ Red Weather “A lot of people love this album. If you approach it without expecting Blue Cheer, it does have well performed songs. Luckily the re-master sounds good and I have the 180 gram RED vinyl copy from 2002”.

4 Moby Grape~Live (2lp) “I have a hunch this is better than the RARE GRAPE that Sundazed put out a couple of months ago. Part of this was recorded at the Monterey International Pop Festival…need I say more? I think that they were actually pretty raw sounding live. That’s a good thing”.

5 The Merry-Go Round~featuring “You’re A Very Lovely Woman” / “Live”
“I don’t care if people call it a pretty pop album, all of it is wonderful. A&M really never signed whacked out psychedelic bands (as UNI did). This was so overlooked it’s sickening. Emitt Rhodes was very talented”.

6 The Druids Of Stonehenge~Creation “like I mentioned above, here is one of those psychedelic bands signed to UNI (along with Fever Tree & Strawberry Alarm Clock).
This is a well thought out album and very good. Just remember that they were a super gnarly garage band before this LP. This album is a more mature, but still very good”.

7 Dick Dale~Original Singles Collection 1961-65 (2lp) “If you only wanna buy one thing by Dale, then get this. You probably don’t need much more”.

8 Dick Dale~Surfer’s Choice “this will always be known as THE LP that made his name. It was recorded live actually. I prefer King Of The Surf Guitar for the cleaner stereo sound, but this one sold like hot cakes when it came out…recommended of course”.

9 Dick Dale~King Of The Surf Guitar “my personal favorite. He was with Capitol now and the sound, production, and recording facilities were top notch. A lot of people say SELL OUT when bands sign with major record companies, but, look at all the money behind them to get a great recording. Case in point was this LP”.

10 Dick Dale~Mr. Eliminator “Mr. Eliminator & Checkered Flag LP’s are recommended for people who want the whole collection only. Not a heck of a lot to recommend here.
Of course I have to have it for the clean stereo sound on this re-mastered reissue”.

11 Dick Dale~Checkered Flag “for completists only. The Astronauts were able to go from surf to hot rod with excellent results. Dick Dale’s hot rod albums just didn’t quite jell. It still sounded like surf and the vocals are honestly fairly weak. Competition Coupe by The Astronauts was really, really good. They were overlooked ,and always great live”.

12 Dick Dale~Summer Surf “Dick’s last studio record for Capitol, but I actually like the sort of change in direction on this LP. Surf guitar was kind of getting diluted by 1965.
As I remember, there was more sax & keyboard on this. And more of Dick’s nationality background influence. Don’t forget, Dick Dale played a wild saxophone too.

13 Dick Dale~Live At Ciro’s “always sonically deafening live, this is good and weak at the same time. There are dated cover versions that run too long and no medleys, but his live sound was always worth the price of admission”.

14 Stevie Ray Vaughan~Texas Flood
15 Stevie Ray Vaughan~Couldn’t Stand The Weather
16 Stevie Ray Vaughan~Soul To Soul
Texas Flood is still a lot of people’s favorite album by Stevie. The LP certainly got him on the map and is still the most recommended. Too bad Sundazed didn’t reissue “In Step”. That was a huge comeback for him. Anyways, these 3 records are all essential. The only throwaways were Greatest Hits & Live.

15 Stevie Ray Vaughan~Couldn’t Stand The Weather
16 Stevie Ray Vaughan~Soul To Soul

17 The Youngbloods~1st lp “I like this LP because it is right on the edge of being a garage sound; or if you like, psychedelic as opposed to the later folk influence. This is folk influenced, but it mixes garage stuff too. Luckily, it’s in mono so it is best blasted on big speakers as well.

18 Bob Thompson~The Sound Of Speed “It may sound like an LP you could find used for a dollar, but it will never sound this good. Bob Irwin put his heart and soul into this thing, but I think there are better releases by Bob Thompson. Having said that, this is recommended for sure.

Also notable on Sundazed Vinyl:

We The People LP, I can’t say enough about all their well done songs and sound.

The Remains LP, I can’t believe they never really made it huge, great songs and they opened for The Beatles.


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