Q & A #1

Q: Do you happen to know if 1969 Live With Lou Reed (http://www.vinyl.com/product_id/LPMERC6643017) has been reissued on colored vinyl? Thanks! — C.D.

A: I have never seen or heard of LIVE 1969 (2 lp) on colored vinyl.
It would probably come from Scorpio.

There are 9 custom colored vinyl releases that I know of in print:

1) The Velvet Undrground And NICO (beautiful solid bright Banana yellow, blue verve label)
2) The Velvet Underground-White Light White Heat (white) (blue verve label)
3) The Velvet Underground (3rd LP) (clear blue) (yellow M~G~M label)
4) The Velvet Underground-Loaded (clear red) (uses original grey Cotillion label)
5) The Velvet Underground-Live At Max’s (a sorta bootleg) (clear green) (original grey Cotillion label)

UK releases:
6) The Velvet Underground And NICO (beautiful PICTURE DISC) (vinyl lovers label)
7) The Velvet Underground 3rd LP (180 gram Pastel solid Purple) (vinyl lovers label)
8) Lou Reed & Nico ~Live At Le’ Betlacan? Part 1 (PICTURE DISC) (Earmark label)
9) Lou Reed & Nico~Live At Le’ Betalcan? Part 2 (PICTURE DISC) (Earmark label)

that’s about it guys, the 2 above are really good as I remember.
Don’t forget the VU 7 inch singles box set on sundazed in MONO.
Actually the MONO VU & NICO will blow your minds,,,it really rocks more than stereo..and I HATE mono usually.
Sundazed is about to do a vinyl box set of bootlegs by Velvet Underground.
Stay tuned. I won’t get this because alot of the tracks are on the “peel slowly and see” 5 CD box set.
hope this helps.


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