The Beatles "Love Me Do" Single RECALL!!!

Alright, Alright~

It is being called the biggest Beatle collectible since The Butcher Cover…and I do happen to own 4 copies of this recalled single.

It is “Love Me Do” backed with “P.S. I Love You.” The first ever Beatles single, released 50 years ago on October 5, 1962.

What they did was put the wrong version of “Love Me Do” on the A-Side and the wrong catalog number on the B-Side (they put 4714 instead of the correct 4949.) 4714 was originally the single for Matt Monro called “Portrait Of My Love.”

This wrong A-Side has Andy White drumming instead of Ringo (which Ringo played on the original single version released.)

According to EMI, there were 6000 wrong ones pressed.
3000 never got out and approx. 2000 were returned?
The correct ones are available on the market to you right now for around $7.99 in American dollars (they are all U.K. imports by the way.)

Anyways, that leaves roughly 1000 out there and they are bidding for $895.00 if you go to eBay or Amazon 3rd party. Glad I pre-ordered all mine. I ended up with 4 copies of the recalls for only $28.00 total.

OK, OK, OK!!!



Ringo was delegated to play tambourine on the Andy White version.


On the Ringo version, there is no tambourine and it is a very softer recording.

Just to be a brat, I ordered a correct one too.

Remember to love your vinyl:-))))

The Beatles 2009 Vinyl Re-Masters…BE WARNED!

Hah! John & George must be rollin’ over in their grave by now?

Here we go again with another huge screw-up of a Beatles vinyl product

This time it is the 50th Anniversary of their first 7″ single (Love Me Do b/w P.S. I Love You)

Already fetching $250.00 prices on eBay, this single has TWO HUGE MISTAKES. Luckily, I own 4 copies of the error pressing. What they allegedly did was PRESS THE WRONG VERSION of “Love Me Do” on the A-Side (there were 2 versions recorded) and USE THE WRONG LABEL on the B-Side.

These have been recalled and fixed now, but not before many got out.
(Ed. Note: Sounds like “The Butcher Cover” scenario all over again?)

Here is the problem:
If Parlophone/EMI in the U.K. can’t get a stupid single done correctly, then how many mistakes can we expect on all the new Beatles vinyl LP’s coming out? I can tell you right now as an avid fan of really loud Stereo headphone listening that the Abbey Road Remaster Team SHOULD HAVE STUCK WITH THE ORIGINAL IDEA OF USING DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) from Germany. THOSE (to me) are the rockingest sounding ones in the world…even better than the Mobile Fidelity’s in the case of loud headphones. I am so glad I passed on these. I was offered the box set for a song too…and STILL PASSED ($275.00)

I don’t trust EMI as far as I can throw a dry/fluffy square of toilet paper.


Remember to love your vinyl……..for the most part?

The Beatles: 2009 Re-masters Now On Vinyl

What would the Christmas Shopping Season be without a Beatles (or Beatles related) product push?

This time it might be the coolest product of all?
Here is what I have heard officially:
1 The release date is (I believe still) November 17, 2012
2 These are the 2009 Remastered versions. They are the same Abbey Road ‘dream team’ that did the 2009 Mono & Stereo Beatles CD Box Sets
3 From what I can tell, these are all UK imports from EMI Music ‘ala’ the recent Pink Floyd re-issues
4 Every album whether a single or double LP will be in a full gatefold cover
5 Every album is on 180 gram black vinyl and in TRUE STEREO
(Ed. Note: I haven’t heard anything yet about any forthcoming Mono pressings, which let’s hope they do?)
6 Every album is the UK version with 14 (not 10) songs on the early LP’s
7 EMI is using record labels that reproduce the original label on the first pressings; so you get the rare Black/Yellow Parlophone labels
8 There will be NO bonus tracks
9 There will be a 50th Anniversary single to come out on October 16 (next week), the day The Beatles issued their first ever single. A-Side=Love Me Do (without Ringo on drums version) b/w P.S. I Love You. It will come on the original red Parlophone label in the rainbow coloured paper sleeve and list for around $7.99…I pre-ordered mine

OK, these will be available individually for a nice list price of $22.99 each or $34.99 for the 2 double LP’s (“The White Album” & “Past Masters”.) It will also be available as a lavish box set with a booklet & DVD for $450.00. Most people have opted to sell the box for $399.00. Unlike the 1982 ‘The Beatles Collection’ Blue Box, this box does not have the “Rarities” album. The Past Masters Volumes I & II has made the “Rarities” album obsolete now. Also, I have no idea if the Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour or The White Album will have all the extra posters, pictures, booklets or pink innersleeves? The CD Boxes DID! So we will have to see? I would think so:-)
(UPDATE: Yes, All original inserts, pictures, and photos are included)

Just in case you forgot, here are the albums:
1 Please Please Me
2 With the Beatles
3 A Hard Day’s Nigh (movie soundtrack)
4 Beatles For Sale!
5 Help! (movie soundtrack)
6 Rubber Soul
7 Revolver
8 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
9 Magical Mystery Tour (full length U.S. released album)
10 The Beatles aka “The White Album” (2 Records)
11 Yellow Submarine (movie soundtrack)
12 Abbey Road
13 Let It Be
14 Past Masters Volumes I & II (2 Records)

Recommended For Sure…and for once the price is recommended at 23 bucks each. Merry Christmas and love your vinyl!

The Who Complete Studio Albums Vinyl Box Set

You’ve got to be joshing me?

The Who were known for their ‘live in concert’ power. I just can’t comprehend the words complete Who without “Live At Leeds” & “Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy” on there…studio or otherwise.

This box set is a wish-washy release. There are too many omissions and these omissions (to me) just may be the best studio stuff The Who ever did? Anyways, here we go with another Christmas Shopping Season push…this box will run you $350.00

It is being put out by Geffen Records (they now own the rights to The Who catalog) and each LP will be on 180 gram black vinyl. I didn’t see anything about selling them individually, but that sure would be the way for all you Who fans to go.

Here is what’s in the box:
My Generation (UK Version and artwork)
A Quick One (UK Version. Titled “Happy Jack” in the U.S.A.)
The Who Sell Out
Tommy (2 Records)
Who’s Next
Quadrophenia (2 Records)
The Who By Numbers
Who Are You
Face Dances
It’s Hard
Endless Wire (2 Records)

Unimpressive…and here is why:
No “Live At Leeds” LP
No “Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy” LP (A killer Singles/Hits collection)
No “Odds And Sods” LP (the awesome original Who rarities album)
No “Magic Bus” LP (or the slightly altered U.K. version) “Direct Hits”…both omitted for some strange reason?
No  Tracks From The “Ready Steady Who” 7″  E.P. (essential)
No “Who’s Missing” LP (rarities I)
No “Two’s Missing” LP (rarities II)

If you put “Odds And Sods” and “Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy” together, you’ve got a lot of killer singles and songs that you WON’T find on this box…”Long Live Rock” from”Odds And Sods” (in the Top 5 of their best songs) will NOT be found on this box…I REST MY CASE! Even though I personally dig some parts of “Endless Wire”, (the 22 minute mini-opera on Record #2 called “Wire & Glass” is absolute killer) this LP was crucified by the press and record buying public. You can get the vinyl at cut-out companies for 6 bucks. Face Dances was actually an overlooked good LP, but it sells used mint for 2 bucks. Really it is the first 6 albums that most people will want?
That leaves you with 5 throwaways more or less? For 350 bucks?

Remember to love your vinyl…but be extra careful on this one

First 8 Iron Maiden LP's out as vinyl Picture Discs

Boy! Have some people been waiting for these!

Everytime I’m in a record shop, some dude who grew up with old school Iron Maiden albums is crying because he can’t order them on vinyl. That’s about to change my friends:

EMI Music is re-issuing the first eight Iron Maiden albums as picture discs.
From what I can tell, here are some facts:
1 Each will come in a real album jacket, not just a poly-sleeve.
2 These will be coming out 2 per month for the next 4 months.
3 Unfortunately, these will carry a list price of $45.00 each. I am very upset for the old fans that want to pick these up. Luckily, I own all the original colored vinyl & pic discs when they first came out for (was it $7.99 each?)
4 The artwork on every disc has full color ‘outtake drawings’ from the period of each album.

OK, here are the albums in case you forgot:

Iron Maiden (self-titled) 1980, 5 Stars
Killers 1981, 3 Stars
The Number Of The Beast 1982, 5 Stars
Piece Of Mind 1983, 5 Stars
Powerslave 1984, 5 Stars
Live After Death 1985, 5 Stars (2 Picture Discs)
Somewhere In Time 1986, 3 Stars
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 1988, 3.5 Stars

Oddly, the 1981 “Live” Mini-Album “Maiden Japan” has been omitted. They probably could have done the Women In Uniform E.P. too…and a few other important Live E.P.’s? But “Maiden Japan” should have been included for sure.

THESE ARE ALL RECOMMENDED! Remember to love your vinyl

Music On Vinyl…doing vinyl reissues right!!!

Making huge strides in coolness are a UK record company called Music On Vinyl.

They are expensive as heck; but well worth the extra dough.

Three huge reasons why this vinyl reissue company leave most of their competitors in the dust:

1 The reissued LP cover art colors and quality is never just as good as the original…it’s ALWAYS better. I said ALWAYS. For every single title…absolutely unbelievable.

2 They always reissue with the original labels that were on the original records. A&M, Columbia, Geffen, Epic etc. etc. A real reissue doesn’t have a cartoon of a dude and his dog walking on the beach on the record label.

3 When they say 180 gram colored vinyl, they mean it. All my records from them are thick, flat, and vivid colors. Usually, they don’t use wimpy colors like clear green, red or blue vinyl. These things are wildly colored marble to match the colors of the album cover or the theme of a record ie: The Wicker Man ost which is on a killer Fiery Burnt Orange Solid.

Here are their ‘colored vinyl’ titles which I’m aware of. Some are limited to 500 pieces:

1 White Zombie~La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One = MILKY WHITE VINYL
2 White Zombie~Astro Creep 2000 = CLEAR w/ SMOKEY GREEN MARBLED VINYL
3 Primus~The Brown Album (2LP) = METALLIC GOLD VINYL
4 The Red Devils~King King (LIVE) (2LP) = SOLID RED VINYL
5 Electric Light Orchestra~Out Of The Blue (2LP) = CLEAR BLUE VINYL w/ slight marble
6 Alice In Chains~Dirt = SOLID DIRTY RED VINYL
7 Alice In Chains ~MTV Unplugged (2LP) = RED VINYL (not sure of details)
8 Original 1973 Soundtrack~ The Wicker Man = SOLID BURNT FIRE ORANGE VINYL
9 Monster Magnet~Superjudge = SOLID PURPLE & BLUE MARBLED VINYL
10 Golden Earring~double 10″ on GOLD VINYL
11 The Shocking Blue~double 10″ on BLUE VINYL

Well, that’s 10 titles.
There is another one announced on FIRE RED by a woman whose name escapes me right now. It is also a double LP. Go to the Music On Vinyl website for more info.

Back On Black & Let Them Eat Vinyl…you’ve got some stiff competition. All these titles come NUMBERED, STICKERED, and in nice Japanese Sleeves. If that isn’t enough, their LP catalog ID starts with MOV ie: MOV319, MOV212. Very cool indeed!

Remember to love your vinyl.

Sundazed…Bringing It All Back Home!

Sundazed Music is back on top of it’s game. Sundazed is about Psych, Surf, Garage & Hot Rod and here is a recent vinyl reissue checklist to prove it.
Upcoming and already released vinyl titles include:
(Ed. Note: Check the New Releases link, as we are carrying some of these now)

1 A cool Hot Rod LP by Jimmy Bryant
2 A cool Hot Rod LP by Ardian & The Sunsets (Breakthrough)
3 A cool Hot Rod LP by The Kustom Kings (Kustom City, U.S.A.)
4 A cool comp Hot Rod LP on GOLD VINYL also called The Kustom Kings
5 Two 7″ Singles w/ rare B-Sides by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
6 More rare early Captain Beefheart 7″ Singles
7 Two classic LP’s by The Crystals (Twist Uptown & He’s A Rebel)
8 A classic LP by The Ronettes (Fabulous Ronettes feat. Veronica)
9 A classic LP by Bobb B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans (Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah)
10 A classic LP by The Isley Brothers (Twist And Shout)
11 Two classic LP’s by The Knickerbockers (The Fab. Knicks. (“Lies”) & Jerk And Twine)
12 A Three-Pak “colored vinyl” singles collection by The Sonics
13 Rare Blues LP’s originally released on KING records (John Lee Hooker & Albert King)
Limited COLORED VINYL pressings of classic Sundazed albums:
(Ed. Note: Most of these will be nice 180 Gram Pressings)
a) Johnny Cash~2LP Sun Singles Collection (GOLD VINYL)
b) Johnny Cash~Live At Town Hall Party 1958 (GOLD VINYL)
c) Dick Dale~Surfer’s Choice (BLUE VINYL)
d) The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet (GOLD VINYL)
f) Jerry Cole & His Spacemen~Surf Age! (CLEAR VINYL)
g) Jerry Cole & His Spacemen~Hot Rod Dance Party! (CLEAR w/ SMOKEY BLACK VINYL)
h) Link Wray~Jack The Ripper (GOLD VINYL)
i) The Trashmen~Live Bird: 65-67 (BLUE VINYL)
j) The Guess Who~Shakin’ All Over 2 LP Anthology (BLUE & GREEN VINYL)
k) VA~Hallmark Guitars presents The Kustom Kings (GOLD VINYL)
l) The Pretty Things~Singles Collection 1964-1968 2 LP (GOLD VINYL)

..if that ain’t enough to blow yer mind, then here is Sundazed’s most awaited and anticipated release for 2102:

A 5 LP gorgeous box set of The Velvet Underground!

Personally for me, things haven’t been this exciting at Sundazed since they reissued all the Dick Dale LP’s about 3 years ag0.

Remember to love your vinyl.

11 New Kool Sundazed Vinyl Titles!

We should have these Sundazed vinyl titles in stock by this Friday, August 24, 2012 at the latest?

1 The Ronettes~Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica on 180 Gram (MONO)
2 The Crystals~Twist Uptown on 180 Gram (MONO)
3 The Crystals~He’s A Rebel on 180 Gram (MONO)
4 Bobb B. Soxx And The Blue Jeans~Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah on 180 Gram (MONO)
5 Johnny Cash~Live At Town Hall Party 1958 Volume 1 on 180 Gram GOLD VINYL (MONO)
6  The Music Emporium~self-titled on 180 Gram PURPLE PASTEL MARBLED VINYL (STEREO) with the Die-Cut Cover as original
7 Jerry Cole & His Spacemen~Surf Age on 180 Gram CLEAR VINYL (STEREO)
8 Dick Dale & His Del-Tones~Surfer’s Choice on 180 Gram BLUE VINYL (MONO)
9 The Guess Who~Shakin’ All Over: Early Guess Who Anthology, 2 LP BLUE & GREEN VINYL (MONO?)
10 The Pretty Things~Singles Collection:1964-1968, 2 LP on 180 Gram GOLD VINYL (MONO)
11 Various Artists~Hallmark Guitars presents The Kustom Kings on GOLD VINYL (STEREO)

OK, here are some notes on these:
a) An original copy of The Music Emporium w/ the Die-Cut cover books for over $1,000 for a clean copy.
b) The Dick Dale (Surfer’s Choice LP) on BLUE VINYL will SELL OUT world-wide pretty fast. Everyone should jump on this one very quickly if you are wanting it? I’m sure Sundazed is close to selling out by now?

Look for these on our website very, very soon and love your vinyl.

Other news:
Sundazed are also re-pressing the 2 LP set by Johnny Cash titled: The Sun Singles, 1955-1958 on a limited run to be on 180 Gram GOLD VINYL. Also, there will be a BLUE VINYL 180 gram STEREO pressing of The Trashmen: Live Bird (1964-65) and another Jerry Cole & His Spacemen LP titled “Hot Rod Dance Party” in STEREO on a 180 Gram CLEAR w/ SMOKEY BLACK VINYL. Also coming on September 24th; there will be 3 seven inch singles (all on a different color of vinyl with cool picture sleeves) of The Sonics. These are the three rare-as-heck singles that were originally issued in 1966 on the Jerden label (later stuff re-recorded hits.) All three A-Sides can be found on their lone album for Jerden called “Introducing The Sonics.” It was actually their 3rd long player following “Here Are The Sonics” &  The Sonics “Boom.” The Jerden album is extremely inferior (in my humble opinion) to the wild, raunchy earlier material.

Gaslight Anthem: Handwritten vinyl SOLD OUT in 4 hours!

UPDATE: Noon on July 24th, 2012 ~ THE 1st PRESSING HAS ALREADY SOLD OUT WORLDWIDE…but some shops ordered a lot of them (like Hot Topic &, so it’s out there.

**********UPDATE:  August 1st, 2012
Hot Topic ones and Inerpunk ones are ALL GONE!!
You won’t get this anymore for under $35.00**********
(It’s now going for a whopping $40.00 from WorldRecordShop in Los Angeles at the moment. Amazon won’t be getting more for around 1-2 months they say. Eh…Ahm, that would be around September 25, 2012. Summer will be OVER)

(Ed. Note: Do you think vinyl is “Hot On Fire” now??? I saw it sell out before my very eyes in 4 hours. Pre-ordering like I did ROCKS! The new reggae GREEN colored vinyl pre-order from Secret Stash will probably gone by tonight? They are making only 300 on reggae green colored vinyl with a silk-screened custom green cover)



Well vinyl fans, it’s been about a month since I’ve written any posts because I too have been diggin’ all the grooves in the summer sun.

This post I MUST DO NOW!!
Let’s talk about Mercury Records & David Massey, the company’s President & CEO.

Tomorrow, a very anticipated vinyl punk album comes out by a band called The Gaslight Anthem. They have just signed to a major label. The album will be pressed on 180 GRAM BLUE VINYL, have a gatefold cover, a poster, and come with an MP3 download card. I just pre-ordered this thing for $12.00 on Amazon. The list on it is around $13.99? By the way, the title is called “Handwritten.”

I just want to PRAISE David and Mercury for keeping this very affordable to all the kids.
This isn’t the first time Mercury has impressed me. The last solo LP from Siouxie Sioux was only $13.00? They are doing things right. I have a dream that all The Who LP’s will get the same treatment? We’ll just have to wait and see? But for now……

COLOR ME IMPRESSED by Mercury Records in the year 2012!

You guys ROCK!!!

Remember to love your vinyl!!

Exciting vinyl records coming to soon:

We have some pretty cool vinyl titles pre-ordered here for
They are as follows:

June 29, 2012: Pretty Things~Singles 64-67 (2LP’s, 180 GRAM GOLD VINYL), Sundazed Music.

July 31, 2012: The Ronettes~Fab. Ronettes feat. Veronica (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed.
July 31, 2012: The Crystals~Twist Uptown (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed Music.
July 31, 2012: The Crystals~He’s A Rebel (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed Music.
July 31, 2012: Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans~Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed Music.

End Of July?: The Angry Samoans~Inside My Brain E.P. (180 GRAM BLOOD RED & WHITE SPLATTERED VINYL), Drastic Plastic.
End Of July?: The Angry Samoans~Back From Samoa LP (180 GRAM ROYAL BLUE VINYL), Drastic Plastic.
End Of July?: The Gun Club~Las Vegas Story (180 GRAM GREEN VINYL), Drastic Plastic.

My honest thoughts on these?
I absolutely can’t wait to get my grubby hands on The Pretty Things singles ‘double record set’ on the cool GOLD VINYL.
I reckon this title has 28 songs and only 4 or 5 songs (later psych stuff) that ain’t gonna split this earth in half with it’s sheer heavy R&B power when you blast it on your spiral spinning machine! The Who were billed as Maximum R&B…I guess they never heard of The Pretty Things?
It made The Who sound like Minimal R&B at times.
I can’t wait!

The two Angry Samoans titles are something that you just don’t see reissued all the time; unlike all the other L.A. hardcore punk stuff. It will surely be welcome (and fun) to have these out now on colored vinyl. They should have done these 7 years ago, eh? The Gun Club is always sought after. They were pretty overlooked because they played a blues/country style punk; as opposed to straight hardcore. People are finally recognizing their influence…after the key member passed away. In recent movies, I have heard a few songs from them (especially Fire Of Love album) being played. We NEED a Half Gold/Half Maroon pressing of the classic Fire Of Love LP you guys.

The Ronettes, The Crystals & Bob B. Soxx are out as UK imports right now and list for $29.99. It’ll be nice to have these in the U.S.A. for only like $18.98 and the covers will be perfect. The sound will be only as Bob Irwin could do it…fantastic! My only quibble is that, hey, these also were mixed in True Stereo. They sound great in true stereo, and it seems that every reissue abroad is in MONO. Thankfully, I have budget copies of these 4 titles from England on Phil Spector International Records and the true stereo is absolutely killer!

Keep your eyes posted for these soon. I will add them to our NEW RELEASE page the second they come in.
Goodbye and remember to love your vinyl!!!